Welcome to my webpage. This site started as a way for me to present my graduate research of glacier change on Mount Hood, and has lingered in that state for quite some time. I'm just now getting around to making some changes, adding content, and generally just bringing things forward several years. So feel free to click some links, admire some science, and enjoy yourself.

Mount Hood

About me: I grew up in Bowling Green, Ohio, and despite (or perhaps because of) living in the flatlands of once-glaciated northwest Ohio, developed a love for the mountains after numerous trips to the Colorado Rockies, California, and the desert southwest. I attended college at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, graduating with a B.S. in Environmental Geography. In addition to obtaining a degree from such a prestigious institution (the oldest university west of the Appalachians), I also gathered no less than nine good "buddies" I still call friends today. I completed my Master's degree in glaciology at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon in 2007. After a few years in Boulder, Colorado where I worked for Microsoft's Bing Maps, I now live in Denver and work for Ocean Imaging as a GIS/Remote Sensing Analyst. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my wife Jen(ny) and our three dogs, skiing, a good beer, and any activity that allows me to combine beer with playing shortstop.